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C-Drama ~♥

I enjoy watching Chinese dramas from both Mainland and Taiwan. Just to share a few personal favourites and opinion. I have also posted other dramas (k-drama, c-drama, movies, etc) which you may check it out under my 'Drama List' and 'Movie List' on the right scroll bar. :)

Title: Lady and the Liar / Qian Jin Nu Zei / 千金女贼
Genre: Romance
Broadcast Year: 2015
Episode: 45
Country: Mainland


Du Xiao Han (Yang Rong), a lady thief on the run accidentally swap identity with Jiang Xin (Tiffany Tang Yan), who was on her way to acknowledge her biological parents. Du Xiao Han turn into a rich heiress overnight and have Jiang Xin's boyfriend as her own. In a turn of events, the original heiress suddenly ended up becoming the woman of Shanghai gangster, Bai Zheng Qing (Hawick Lau)! The whole of Shanghai city knows that Bai Zheng Qing is a 'wolf' not to be trifled with, until he met Jiang Xin, the cold and untouchable Bai Zheng Qing was moved and changed by Jiang Xin's kind-hearted and simple personality. In order to retain his beloved woman, Bai Zheng Qing lie, fabricate her fiancée's identity and keep Jiang Xin's past from her, just to let Jiang Xin stays by his side. But unfortunately it cause her to miss her loved ones which results in life-long regret. And the man whom Jiang Xin love has never give up in looking around for her whereabouts. In confrontation between good and evil, lies and misplaced love, ultimately the truth unfold. The amnesia heiress, Jiang Xin recover her memories.....with the help of the two men who love her dearly, she regain the life that was taken away from her and the crime-ridden lady thief get her just deserts.


Adapted from Manga, Hakushaku Reijou by Hosokawa Chieko.


The drama "Lady and the Liar 千金女贼 (Official Trailer/Long Trailer)" started filming around November 2013, starring Hawick Lau and Tiffany Tang. Coincidentally, Yang Mi and Tiffany Tang are good friends, the latter was Yang Mi's maid of honour when she and Hawick Lau tie the knot on January 2014. I think Tiffany Tang is very pretty and looks cute with bangs (Also starring in the drama, "Perfect Couple"). From the producer of "King of Lan Ling", "Lady and the Liar" is set in the Shanghai 1930s settings. I quite enjoy watching Chinese dramas set in the early 1900s ever since "Too Late to say I Love You" and find the storyline of "Lady and the Liar" rather interesting. I love all the casts as well, hence am looking forward to this drama!
 (As I translated from Chinese, hence please pardon if there is any error, etc.)

Character Introduction ~♥

Hawick Lau as Bai Zheng Qing

Personality and Background of Character:

Head of the Mafia.

"Everyone in Shanghai knew, Bai Zheng Qing is a wolf." But nobody knows that this wolf was lonely and long for love.

Bai Zheng Qing never know his father when growing up, his mother died young and he began to survive on his own in the streets when he was just five years old! Until his father found him, Bai Zheng Qing returned to the 'Bai Society', with each step take, he began using his own ability to gain the power and authority of 'Bai Society'. There is no family warmth in his life, until he met Jiang Xin, a kind-hearted girl with nothing to her name. Jiang Xin slowly change Bai Zheng Qing, he wants her to be his only family. Therefore, when Jiang Xin lost her memory, Bai Zheng Qing did not hesitate to lie in order to keep her by his side.....

Tiffany Tang as Jiang Xin

Personality and Background of Character:

A street performer, Shanghai Mafia's lady, biological daughter of a rich man.

"I am not afraid of hardship, but will never allow the people around me to feel aggrieved."

Jiang Xin was a street performer, she learn about her biological parents and true identity by chance one day. She is the daughter of the richest man in Tianjin, with expectant and mixed feelings, Jiang Xin is on her way to look for her father. Unfortunately, she meet with an accident, when she open her eyes again, she is unable to recognize the man right in front of her, Bai Zheng Qing. Jiang Xin lost her memory, therefore when Bai Zheng Qing told her, he is her fiancée, she was shock but still sincerely believe him without any doubt that he is the love of her life......

Tony Yang as Sheng Jie Wen

Personality and Background of Character:

A doctor return from studying abroad, a blind young master, Shanghai newspaper reporter.

"Hello! Lovely girl, do you want to learn foreign language? I will teach you how to say 'I love you'!"

Sheng Jie Wen is a warm, handsome gentleman who is very attentive. He is also very passionate which explains his no lack of women around his side, he is a man like the wind and striking like the warm sun.

Yang Rong as Du Xiao Han

Personality and Background of Character:

A lady thief, fugitive, rich heiress.

"If a person did not try ways and means to climb his/her way up, is he/she waiting to be trampled upon?"

She stole Jiang Xin's identity as the daughter of the richest man and became a heiress overnight. In order to hold on to her new life, she will not hesitate to get rid of anyone who might be possible in bursting her beautiful lie.



Title: Cruel Romance / Jin Xiu Yuan Hua Li Mao Xian / 锦绣缘华丽冒险
Genre: Romance, Republican, Triad
Broadcast Year: 2015
Episode: 45
Country: Mainland

In the 1930s Shanghai city, Rong Jin Xiu arrived in Shanghai city in search of her half-sister and met triad leader, Zuo Zhen along the way. He is constantly there for her and taught her the ways of the world. Zuo Zhen fell in love with Rong Jiu Xiu, but she is in love with his good friend, Xiang Ying Dong. This woman, whom he wholeheartedly loves, had him made his life's most painful choice.

Starring Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen (Chen Qiao En), Qiao Ren Liang, Lu Jia Rong, Qi Ji and Xie Jun Hao, etc.

Cruel Romance 锦绣缘 (Trailer) is adapted from a Republican era novel, The Fate of Jin Xiu.

Character Introduction ~♥

Huang Xiao Ming as Zuo Zhen

He was in the reign of terror in the gang battle chief, people called him 'Er Ye'. Overbearing and affectionate, even in the most critical moment, Zuo Zhen will not lost his direction, while others are shock and stricken, he would have flee using the opportunity, reverse the whole situation and switch from passive to active.

However, he chose to love Rong Jin Xiu, who is in love with his blood brother.....from the time they met, there were numerous misunderstandings, will their love withstand until the end......



Joe Chen as Rong Jin Xiu

She is half-sister with Yin Ming Zhu, tracing all the way to Shanghai, but Ming Zhu is unwilling to acknowledge her, strand in the streets and in desperation, Rong Jin Xiu encounter Zuo Zhen, who saved her life. When Jin Xiu wakes up from a coma, she saw Xiang Ying Dong.

She remember his face from that moment onwards and thought he is the one who saved her, this lead to her admiration towards Xiang Ying Dong.....



Qiao Ren Liang as Xiang Ying Dong

People called him Master Yin, he is secretly in love with Ming Zhu, but no matter how much he likes her, she is his brother's woman, untouchable. He was being mistaken as the life saver of the girl his good friend loves, Rong Jin Xiu, and was admire by her.

What a love entanglements......he love his brother's woman, yet cannot love her. The one who love him is the girl his good friend loves, whom he also cannot love.


Lu Jia Rong as Yin Ming Zhu

Yin Ming Zhu was being chased out of the Rong family when she was merely twelve years old. Living on the streets, desperate and impoverished, facing despair and misery, she changed her surname to Yin.

Ming Zhu is stubborn and bears a deep resentment of her past, when she faced her half-sister, Rong Jin Xiu, she refuse to acknowledge their relationship and chased her out. She paid a price for everything she has today, she 'sold' her smile in exchange for survival, outsiders will never understand. She is the woman of Xiang Han Chuan.


Title: The Legend of Fragrance / Huo Se Sheng Xiang / 活色生香
Genre: Republic, Romance, Family
Broadcast Year: 2015
Episode: 40
Country: Mainland


Set in the Republican era, about two competitive leading family business of traditional fragrance in China. The bickering of their younger generation eventually lead to romance.

The Legend of Fragrance 活色生香 (Trailer), starring Tiffany Tang (Also in Perfect Couple and Lady and the Liar) and Li Yi Feng.

Arrh...Tiffany Tang Yan looks really pretty with bangs, she should really consider keeping her bangs for good. And I think she is exceptionally beautiful in period dramas! Anyway, the image of Li Yi Feng is quite cute in this drama, I think its a very refreshing pairing, though Tiffany Tang finds it a little 'stress' to co-star with an actor younger than herself. ^_^

: Perfect Couple / Jin Yu Liang Yuan /
Genre: Period Drama, Romance, Comedy
Episode: 38
Broadcast Year: 2014
Country: Mainland


Set during the early years of the Ming Dynasty, the only son of an aristocratic imperial family, Jin Yuan Bao (Wallace Huo) is in charge of weapons manufacturing. A rich, pampered young man who is well aware of his rich family background, Yuanbao unexpectedly meets Yu Qi Ling (Tang Yan), a clever and witty maiden who travels around the country. Their friendship sparks off a series of hilarious and touching stories.


I am very excited over Perfect Couple (金玉良缘) ever since I saw the trailer; it seems like a witty, fun, humorous and touching storyline. Wallace Huo and Tang Yan collaborate again after Chinese Paladin 3 and the drama is film in Heng Dian World Studio. I like the pairing and chemistry of Wallace Huo and Tang Yan, both look cute together in their colourful period outfit (the embroidery on their attire are so pretty). Interesting to know that the famous novelist, Tong Hua is the screenwriter of Perfect Couple and Wallace Huo is one of the producers. The Chinese title 'Jin Yu Liang Yuan' also represents the couple's name, with 'Jin' as Jin Yuan Bao ~ Gold (Wallace Huo) and 'Yu' as Yu Qi Ling ~ Jade (Tang Yan). Perfect Couple is definitely on my watch list! (As I translated from Chinese, hence please pardon if there is any error, etc.)
Character Introduction ~♥

Wallace Huo as Jin Yuan Bao (Gold Ingot)

Born with a silver spoon, held an unique position among the nobility. Aloof on the surface but is in fact a person with a soft heart. Equip with high IQ and excellent taste, never follow the crowd and has a poisonous tongue. Position higher than others and more knowledgeable. A very detailed person who will not think twice on spouting others' embarrassing facts and still take it for granted. The word 'Social Skill' is never in Jin Yuan Bao's dictionary.

He is waiting for a woman who will move him. A loyal and conservative lover, once his heart is flutter, there will be no hesitation. Until the appearance of Yu Qi Ling.....if Jin Yuan Bao is ice, Yu Qi Ling will be fire. Although fire can warm you up, it can also burn you. Yu Qi Ling bought Jin Yuan Bao loads of unprecedented 'surprise', but also let his life undergone enormous changes.

Tang Yan as Yu Qi Ling (Jade Kirin)

Witty and street smart girl, together with her adopted mother's keepsake, Yu Qi Ling enter the capital all alone and had a chance encounter with Jin Yuan Bao.

Kong Mi as Jiang Xiao Xuan

Endowed with both looks and talent, Jiang Xiao Xuan seems to have a weak heart on the surface but is in fact a strong character with an effort to pursue happiness.

Vivian Wu as Madam Jin

Jin Yuan Bao's mother, elegant and powerful. Madam Jin is a shrewd mistress, yet loving mother. She ensure Jin Yuan Bao is bought up in her tender loving care. The wealth in the Jin's family is all thanks to her many years of painstaking efforts in building it up. However, the greatest crisis in the Jin family is also due to her.


Wang Yang as Liu Wen Zhao

Jin Yuan Bao's cousin, accidentally become Jin Yuan Bao's identity of informant, and it begins the fight between the two of them.

Huang Ming as Gu Chang Feng

Passion for medicine, Gu Chang Feng is not really a brilliant physician but yet always want to give medical treatment to others.

Wang An Di as Liu Qian Qian

Together with her brother, Liu Wen Zhao grew up in the Jin family. Childhood friend with Jin Yuan Bao, Liu Qian Qian loves him with all her heart and am willing to give up everything for him.

Fan Hao Lun as Ah Gui

Jin family's bodyguard, An Gui is an expert in martial arts, is Liu Wen Zhao's loyal right hand man.


Title: Cuo Dian Yuan Yang – Xi Dian Yuan Yang / 错点鸳鸯.戏点鸳鸯
Genre: Period Drama, Romance
Episode: Part one 25; Part two 25 (50 episodes)
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Period: Year 2012 


Su Huan Er (Zhao Li Ying) got a bad feeling when Shi Wu Ji (Qi Ji) agreed to marry her. He, his two brothers and his sister loathe her father to the core. But if they thought they can torture her to settle bad blood, they are wrong. Shi Wu Hen (Han Dong) was only a stand-in groom at the wedding, yet he was attracted to the new bride's cheery disposition and unbeatable optimism. This created a problem because she was his brother's wife, not his. So when his brother's long lost betrothed fiancée, Liang Yu Shi (Zhou Fang), showed up at their doorstep, he stepped in to honour the families' agreement. What he thought was a marriage of obligation turned into a heart-breaking love affair in which he was willing to risk his family's lives to save hers.
Shi Wu Jie (Guo Dong Dong) was the youngest and most passionate of the three brothers. When he met Qin Qiu Yu (Song Yi), it was love at first sight. His family, however, is strongly against their relationship because she was a courtesan. He decided to follow her to end of earth rather than to leave her. Shi Wu Xia (Zheng Qian) only had eyes for Leng Gang. She is not bothered that he was a servant's son. Yet, the difference in their social status was something he was unwilling and unable to cross. She get Su Huan Er to help change Leng Gang's (Ye Zu Xin) thinking.


I have actually finished watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang as soon as it was uploaded online, I should have do a recap of Cuo Dian Yuan Yang earlier, but never mind better late then never. I was in fact quite skeptical on watching it as I find the setting a little ‘old’ initially; however I changed my mind after watching the first two episodes. It has a very wonderful storyline with terrific actors! This drama is divided into two parts, part one being Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and part two Xi Dian Yuan Yang. It took quite a while for the second part to air therefore viewers have to wait after finish watching part one. Those who were watching concurrently at that time like me will understand how it feels to wait anxiously for part two after part one ends. 

This drama consists of love stories of four couples, first two couples namely Shi Wu Ji/Su Huan Er and Shi Wu Xia/Leng Gang is more focus in part one, while Shi Wu Heng/Liang Yu Shi and Shi Wu Jie/Qin Qiu Yu in part two. I liked the story of Shi Wu Ji and Su Huan Er best, although their great difference in height can be quite comical on screen at times (Qi Ji stands at 1.85m; Zhao Li Ying stands at 1.65m) but they were spontaneous in their performance. I like Zhao Li Ying from this drama; she is very cute and petite! I love the chemistry of this couple especially when Su Huan Er gets into trouble and Shi Wu Ji will always have to clear the mess for her. Su Huan Er also looks cute when sitting on Shi Wu Ji’s lap while chatting; they do look like a real couple! Han Dong and Zhou Fang also make a delightful couple in this drama as Shi Wu Heng and Liang Yu Shi. Zhou Fang is so pretty and I think she looks quite suave as a male constable at the beginning of Xi Dian Yuan Yang!

It is only in between watching Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and Xi Dian Yuan Yang that I realised this drama is based on an original novel wrote by a Taiwanese author, Xi Juan席绢. I did not read the actual novels but did a quick search for the link to read out of curiosity, it was based on her two novels namely, Jiao Cuo Shi Guang De Ai Lian 交错时光的爱恋 and Xi Dian Yuan Yang 戏点鸳鸯. Even though I have never read her work before but I liked the story she wrote for Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and Xi Dian Yuan Yang, the process of watching the drama is enjoyable and most important it is happy ending people! It is a joyful love story of four couples whom eventually had a blissful ending after going through ups and downs together.


Title: Road to the North / Heading North / Yi Nian Xiang Bei / 一念向北
Genre: Modern, Romance, Revenge
Broadcast Year: 2014
Episode: 40
Country: Mainland


Lu Xiang Bei, was a happy child in a wealthy family, however, his life change suddenly at the age of eight and was left with a broken family. At his grandfather's order, he planned his revenge by entering the company of his enemy, and meet his enemy's daughter, Tong Yi Nian, she is just like sunshine and he is eager for the warmth. But he can never let go of his hatred.


Road to the North is adapted from Chinese novel "Yi Nian Lu Xiang Bei
" by author Ji Xiang Ye. Hawick Lau as producer. Starring: Hawick Lau, Zhang Li, Wu Jian Fei, Liang You Lin, Zhang Jun Ning and Zhang Zi Xuan.


"Road to the North" reminds me of another Hawick Lau's drama "Sealed with a Kiss", and also a little of the novel "Listen to My Heart" (male lead lost his hearing as well). On the similarity of the two dramas (Sealed with a Kiss and Road to the North), Hawick Lau reveal that as he is a less open person, hence enjoys portraying more 'emotional' characters on screen, and feels that some viewers may love "Road to the North" while some might find it 'too heavy in taste'. In comparison, "Sealed with a Kiss" has more 'intense' scenes such as bathroom fighting and lip biting kiss, "Road to the North" 'ruthlessness' is reflected more in the characters' lines and status. (As I translated from Chinese, hence please pardon if there is any error, etc.)

Character Introduction ~♥

Hawick Lau as Lu Xiang Bei

Lu Xiang Bei has been living with his grandfather since he was a child, his father is chairman of Hua Cai Group. He possess extraordinary high IQ and EQ, relentless with amazing willpower.

He lost his hearing at a tender age and learnt lip reading, plan his mother's revenge on every step he take, however, fallen in love with his enemy's daughter, Tong Yi Niang. Faced with the dilemma of love and hatred; ultimately won the love of Tong Yi Niang.



Zhang Li as Tong Yi Nian

Tong Yi Nian is the only child of chairman of Wan Mei Group. Naïve, kind-hearted and emotional, have no airs as a rich man's daughter.

Instead, rely on her own ability to fulfil her dreams, fall in love with Lu Xiang Bei upon meeting him, the couple's love experienced numerous challenges such as parent's resentment, etc and eventually got married.


Wu Jian Fei as Shen Qi Kang

Shen Qi Kang is the heir of Hua Cai Group, Lu Xiang Bei's half brother, Tong Yi Nian's first love. Typical handsome, swanky and individualistic rich man's son.

Have no talent in doing business, always defeat while competing with Lu Xiang Bei due to his childish and naïve nature.



Liang You Lin as Yi Duo Tong

Yi Duo Tong is Tong Yi Nian's good friend. She seems calculating with a sharp tongue on the surface but is in fact a kind-hearted, loyal and simple girl who pursues her love. In love with Cen Jie Xi, she is true and loyal to him during his darker days.

Ultimately not only did Yi Duo Tong gain true love, but also manage to acknowledge her long-lost father.

Zhang Jun Ning as Cen Jie Xi

Cen Jie Xi is cool and refined, however with dark and gloomy emotions. Refuse to concede defeat, has a strong desire to conquer. He detested Lu Xiang Bei since young and treated Lu Xiang Bei as an enemy ever since he fall in love with Tong Yi Nian.

He is repentant after his defeat to Lu Xiang Bei, and also understand the only one that is worth cherishing by his side is Yi Duo Tong.

Zhang Zi Xuan as Wu Ying Ying

Wu Ying Ying is Lu Xiang Bei's girlfriend, the daughter of his grandfather's benefactor. Wu Ying Ying is a famous singer; talented, elegant and arrogant. She has always love and admire Lu Xiang Bei, and has been helping him takes care of his grandfather even after she rose to fame.

However, her love turn to hatred upon knowing the feelings between Lu Xiang Bei and Tong Yi Nian.

Title: Loving, Never Forgetting / Unforgettable Love / Lian Lian Bu Wang / 恋恋不忘
Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Broadcast Year: 2014
Episode: 34
Country: Mainland


Li Zhong Mou (Jerry Yan) had a one night stand with Wu Tong (Tong Li Ya) a few years ago. He forgot about her until later, in an accident which stirred his attention; after verification, it was confirmed that the little boy, Wu Tong Tong is indeed his son. In order to gain back his own son, Li Zhong Mou take the Mother of his son, Wu Tong to court and win the custody of the boy. However, Li Zhong Mou finds himself falling for Wu Tong and was impressed by Wu Tong's intimate relationship with their son, due to his lack of maternal love as a child, he did not want history to repeat itself again. Therefore, Li Zhong Mou decided to marry Wu Tong. After experiencing life and death, resentment and prejudice, everyone eventually learn to understand, trust and love.

Unforgettable Love (Trailer) is adapted from the novel, Wu Ai Cheng Huan by Lan Bai Se.

Drama Title: Female Prime Minister / 女相
Genre: Period drama, Romance
Episodes: 59

Country: Mainland
Broadcast Period: Year 2013


In order to escape her cruel stepmother, Lu Zhen (Zhao Li Ying) enters the palace to serve as attendant. Her extraordinary skills in making pottery and fabric win the praise of Emperor Gao Yan (Qiao Ren Liang), and he promotes her. At the same time, she also captures the heart of crown prince Gao Zhan (Chen Xiao). However, she can never be with him as different in social status and jealous enemies work against her. She devotes herself to politics and helps Gao Zhan in his work. Though Gao Zhan can not make her his empress, he bestows her with the highest position in the land, the female prime minister.


Title: In Love with Power, Beauties without Tears / 山河恋·美人无泪
Genre: Historical drama
Episodes: 38
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2012/2013


During the reign of Hong Taiji, the founder of Qing dynasty. He formed military alliances by marrying the daughters of Mongol and Manchu clans. He first married Jerger of Khorchin Mongols and made her his first wife. Thereafter, he marry her niece Dayu'er. However, it was Dayu’ers low status half-sister, Harjol, he favoured above the rest. His favouritism caused jealousy between the women. Dayu'er, knowing that he would never love her, decided to place her son on the throne. She formed a secret alliance with Hong Taiji's brother Dorgon to stop other's claim to it.


I was actually considering if I should write a post on the Chinese drama In Love with Power as I only watch this drama for the sake of my favourite couple; Hong Tai Ji (Hawick Lau) and Hai Lan Zhu (Zhang Meng). And I was thinking of dropping this series after the couple die in episode 30 but I still continue to watch since I have already come this far so might as well watch on for the young emperor's story and ending of the series. So therefore I decided to just do a write up on my favourite couple then.

I have my doubts on Hong Tai Ji’s love for Hai Lan Zhu in the beginning of the drama, after all they did not really show how or why Hong Tai Ji love her so much. It is probably her loyalty towards her first love and her vulnerability attracted him. And the emperor seems to woo almost every woman in the drama. However, it became more convincing as the drama continued with Hong Tai Ji willing to do anything for Hai Lan Zhu and even does things for her that he will never do for his other concubines such as letting her drink his blood as medicine for poisoning, taking care of her when she in on coma for two years and he is genuinely devastated when his precious Hai Lan Zhu breathe her last.

I feel sad for Hong Tai Ji as even though his beloved concubine was touched by his sincere love and did love him in a way, he is well aware that Hai Lan Zhu will never love him like her first love and all he ever desire is to live a ripe old age together with her. To make things worse, he is the one who causes the death of her first love which leads to the ultimate heartbreak for this ill fated couple. In fact towards the end of this drama, I was hoping that Hai Lan Zhu will never remember the past after she woke up from the fall, but she still did and find it difficult to forgive Hong Tai Ji, cannot really blame her as Zhou Ling, her first love is a very kind man. I am well aware that they will still passed on early since it is stated in history so it is no surprise.

Like other period dramas, In Love with Power has very beautiful Chinese customs and traditional architecture; it is a feast for the eyes. I find Zhang Meng’s character as Hai Lan Zhu exceptionally stunning, I have seen her in My Sassy Girlfriend and The Magic Blade but somehow just find her more sweet and beautiful in In Love with Power. Maybe she has vintage beauty and is prettier in period drama; although Da yu’er (Yuan Shan Shan) is also pathetic in a way but I still like Hai Lan Zhu more, guess she grow on me. On the contrary, I find Hawick Lau’s character as Hong Tai Ji not as distinctive as Mo Shao Qian in Sealed with a Kiss, find him a little rigid at times and occasionally make me wonder if only his character as the emperor is less selfish and domineering in the first place, and Hai Lan Zhu not as insistent, things might turn out differently. I have grown up watching Ada Choi’s TVB drama and quite like her as an actress but she really get on my nerves in her character as JerJer, despite that, her performance is amazing!

One thing I dislike about period drama is there are always a lot of blood splitting scenes which usually leads to dying and the woman truly loved by the male protagonist will sometimes end up dead while those unscrupulous wives, concubines and villain will still be alive and kicking! Although not all dramas are the same but there are quite a few with similar plot.

I feel that In Love with Power can do better with a little more emphasis on Hong Tai Ji and Hai Lan Zhu’s story, there are in fact a lot of potential in developing their storyline. Anyway I did a quick search on China history and indeed the real Hong Tai Ji did favour his Consort Chen, Borjigit Harjol (Hai Lan Zhu) above his other concubines and they were seventeen years of age difference. Interestingly Hawick Lau and Zhang Meng were a good fourteen years of age difference but do not look very obvious! There is a saying by Da yu’er in the drama, “If only Hong Tai Ji is the first man that Jie Jie (Hai Lan Zhu) met, she will definitely be very blissful”. And I could not agree with her more.


Title: Sound of the Desert / Feng Zhong Qi Yuan / 风中奇缘
Formally known as: Star Moon Legend / Legend of the Moon and Star / Xing Yue Chuan Qi / 星月传奇 (Ballad of the Desert / Da Mo Yao / 大漠谣)
Genre: Period Romance
Episodes: 35
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2014


Jin Yu (Liu Shi Shi) was raised with the people of Xiongnu, although her foster father is a Han. Due to political change within the Xiongnu, she was forced to flee to Chang'an, the then capital of the early Han Dynasty, changing her name to Xin Yue along the way. During her journey, she first meets the calm and kind Mo Xun (Hu Ge), and later the handsome, but cold general Wei Wu Ji (Eddie Peng). Jin Yu falls for one, but was rejected. Will she untangle her love knot? Who will she choose in the end?


Title: Sealed with a Kiss / 千山暮雪
Genre: Romance, Revenge
Total Episodes: 28 (TV) / 30 (Internet)
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2011

Brief Summary

Tong Xue (Ying Er) has been living under the care of her uncle ever since she was orphaned as a child. To lessen her uncle's financial burden, Tong Xue works part-time at a cafe, and meets Mo Shao Qian (Hawick Lau), the CEO of Yuan Zhong Corporation. What Tong Xue unaware is that her father had once betrayed the Mo family by selling out the corporation and indirectly cause the death of Shao Qian's father. To save the family business, Shao Qian was forced into a political marriage with Mu Yong Fei (Wen Zheng Rong), heiress of Mu Corporation. Yong Fei loves Shao Qian very much, but her love is not return. After discovering Tong Xue's true identity, Shao Qian seeks revenge by using evidence of her uncle's embezzlement activities to blackmail Tong Xue to live with him as his mistress. As Shao Qian spends time with Tong Xue, he cannot help but fall in love with her, but his feelings are very conflicted. Things are also complicated by Tong Xue's nostalgic feelings for her first love, Xiao Shan (Li Zhi Nan).
I started watching “Sealed with a Kiss -千山暮雪” after watching a music video of this drama in YouTube. I find the plot of the story interesting although I have to admit Mo Shao Qian’s (Hawick Lau) character is a little sick and I find him terrifying in the first few episodes of the drama with the treatment Tong Xue (Ying Er) got from him. But Mo Shao Qian gradually grows on me and he is really attractive and charming (not to mention he seems like a really good kisser! =P); though Tong Xue’s character is pathetic, I actually find him quite pitiful too.
Hawick Lau as Mo Shao Qian
Mo Shao Qian’s love hate relationship with Tong Xue is kind of dismal as he fell in love with Tong Xue for real after she is ‘force’ to become his mistress, yet he had to hate and mistreat her due to his father’s death caused by Tong Xue’s father. In fact by doing so he is hurting himself more than Tong Xue. Anyway I am hooked to this drama since episode 1 and finish watching the whole drama within the next day!
With their heartbreaking relationship I thought it will be a sad ending but luckily it is an open and there is even a “Sealed with a Kiss Sequel” thereafter. However, I find the drama sequel a disappointment due to poor storyline, the ending again is rather positive.
Ying Er as Tong Xue
It has been quite some time since I last watch Hawick Lau’s drama; both he and Wallace Chung are one of my favourite Hong Kong actors whom venture into China entertainment industry. And I am happy for them that they did well and gain more popularity for the past few years.
One of the things that can be improved could be Tong Xue’s wardrobe in the drama; I personally feel that her clothes could have been better and maybe it is because she is still a young actress hence can also improved on her acting skills. Although Ying Er is a little plump in “Sealed with a Kiss”, nevertheless she is in fact a very beautiful and modest actress and her looks kind of reminds me of heroines from comics. Providentially, she is slimmer than before when shooting the drama sequel.

Some of my favorite scenes from the drama:
1. A drunk Tong Xue seated beside Mo Shao Qian by the river while uttering how she feel about him. Mo Shao Qian stopped Tong Xue with a kiss while she talks in her sleep.

Mo Shao Qian and Tong Xue seated by the river.

A kiss to stop Tong Xue from talking in her sleep.

2. A jealous Mo Shao Qian shoves Tong Xue away when she hugs him from the back, in the process Tong Xue accidentally broken an antique vase and fall on it from the bed. Mo Shao Qian frantically carries her to the hospital without wearing his shoes and cut his feet with the broken pieces of the vase.

The broken antique vase accident.

3. Mo Shao Qian get addicted to playing games and get embarrassed after being ‘discovered’ by Tong Xue. Both of them competing in playing the game and a smug Tong Xue beat dejected Mo Shao Qian.

Mo Shao Qian discovered by Tong Xue while playing game; Tong Xue help him break the game record.

Tong Xue beat Mo Shao Qian.

4. Mo Shao Qian noticed Tong Xue’s credit card in his house after she had left few days ago and realised with joy that she is back. Mo Shao Qian purposely went into the kitchen while Tong Xue is preparing dinner just to catch a glimpse of her.

Mo Shao Qian saw Tong Xue in his kitchen.
Drinks water as an excuse to catch a glimpse of her.
5. Mo Shao Qian helped Tong Xue to hair dry her wet hair while she is sleeping. Tong Xue wake up realizing she is sleeping on Mo Shao Qian’s arm.
Mo Shao Qian drys a sleeping Tong Xue's hair.
Wakes up in surprise.
6. Mo Shao Qian cycled Tong Xue to do marketing at the seaside lodge and make dinner for her.
Cycling to the marketing; enjoyed the dinner prepared by Mo Shao Qian together.
7. Tong Xue discovered Mo Shao Qian’s handphone picture of her sleeping in his arms with the message “I love you”.
Mo Shao Qian took a picture of a unsuspecting Tong Xue sleeping in his arms.