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K-Variety Show ~♥

Running Man is a Korean variety show that has high entertaining level; it never fails to cracks me up whenever I watch! The host, cast and guest were very spontaneous and sporting in the game show and I always feel elated after watching it due to their humour. There are always different mission, race and games on each episode, such as finding the golden piggy banks and looking for the ‘spy’ among the team, etc. 

Cast of Running Man

It is a good way to de-stress by watching an episode of Running Man after a day’s work. I love their host, Yu Jae Suk, find him really amusing and interesting! I cannot help feeling the Running Man members were like college students while watching the variety show as they were so fun loving and witty! Truly age does not equals to maturity!

The shooting of Running Man is at different venues and landmark from time to time such as Museum, Sports stadium, Seoul tower, Shopping mall, etc. It is a good opportunity to view Korea scenery and attractions at the same time. It currently has over hundred episodes and it is on going (hopefully it will continue to 'run' for Running Man because they are just too fantastic!) and there will be new guests appearing in the show at times such as Se7en, Son Ye Jin, Big Bang and SNSD Jessica, etc.

I love all members of Running Man, the show will not be the same if it is short of any one of the members. But my favourite would be Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo. Lee Kwang Soo always never fail to make me laugh, he is just naturally comical and hilarious, so funny that sometimes I will laugh until tears roll down my cheeks! I like Yoo Jae Suk because of his humble, good sense of humour and sincere personality. He takes good care of his fellow members and co-workers and always put others before himself. He always do his best in all the games he take part in, even if he did not win in the end. His love for his family is also admirable; Jae Suk is a good role model and I learn from him that sharing and showing kindness for others is a wonderful thing, be positive and happy and always give your best! :)

Current Members:
Kim Jong-Kook (Nickname: Sparta-Kooks) the muscular member best known for his strength.
Song Ji-Hyo (Nickname: Miss Blank) the only present female member in Running Man.

Lee Kwang-Su (Nickname: Giraffe) the tallest and youngest member.
Ha-Ha (Nickname: Ha-roro) the joker in the show.
Gary (Nickname: Peaceful Gary)
Yu Jae-Suk (Nickname: Grasshopper) who is also the host.

Ji Suk-Jin (Nickname: Big Nose Hyung) the oldest cast and Yu Jae-Suk’s close friend as both of them knew each other for about 20 years.


Running Man Asia Tour (Macau) ~ Episode 133

I had a great time watching Running Man Asia Tour, Macau (Episode 133), it is totally hilarious and entertaining!

Guests, Lee Dong Wook and Han Hye Jin were equally spontaneous! Macau is such a beautiful city! 
Lee Dong Wook & Han Hye Jin
Lee Kwang Soo enjoying his popularity & Giraffe fans

Macau tower mission for Running Man:Must choose 1 among the 3 missions (Sky Jump, Sky Walk & Mast Climbing ~ Which one will you choose?)

Sky Jump: Lee Dong Wook, Song Ji Hyo & Han Hye Jin ~♥

Lee Dong Wook, the first to jump.
Blank Ji, the fearless lady.
Han Hye Jin, enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Sky Walk: Kang Gary, Ji Suk Jin, Ha Ha & Han Hye Jin ~♥

Sobbing Haroro.

Peaceful Gary & Big Nose Hyung

Mast Climbing: Yoo Jae Seok & Lee Kwang Soo ~♥

Poor grasshopper & giraffe had a fearful experience.

Surprise appearance of Sparta Kook, Kim Jong Kook! :)

Running Man ~ Tug of War!

The 'Sons over Flowers' episode of Mamma Mia features Korean celebrities such as Seo In Guk, Nichkhun, Niel, Kelvin Woo, Choi Byungchul, etc, with their mummies.

I watch it mainly for Seo In Guk as I absolutely love him in Korean dramas, King of High School Life Conduct and Reply 1997 (He is also starring in The Master's Sun), his performance in these dramas are superb and his expressions are priceless!
Seo In Guk might not be the typical extremely suave Korean guy but his personality is adorable and humble. He seems like a happy, fun and interesting person to be with! And he is also very talented, good in acting as well as singing.

Anyway, I find the episode of Mamma Mia, Sons over Flowers rather entertaining. The birth secret of Seo In Guk is amusing and interesting to know that his Mum is actually 7 years older than his Dad! The hosts are also hilarious, together with the other celebrities and their mummies. I had a very good laugh while watching this variety show! ^_^



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