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Chinese Drama ♦ Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian / 人生若如初相见 ~♥


Title: If Life Ever Meet / Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian / 人生若如初相见
Episode: TBC
Genre: Republican, Romance, War
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


A story on the Republican Era of China. It was love at first sight for Yi Lian Kai (Han Dong Jun) when he first laid his eyes on Qin Sang (Sun Yi). He painstakingly tried ways and means to make her belong to him. Finally, he manage to force her to marry him in the end. 

After marriage, Yi Lian Kai's arrogant personality remain unchanged as well as his flirty nature. Qin Sang, being a female scholar, is courteous towards her own husband.

However, a family issue creates conflict between the pair. Yi Lian Kai may seem callous towards Qin Sang, but there is a reason behind his actions.

There seems to be peace and harmony in the Yi family, but the brothers are in fact fighting with one another.  

More complications are add on with the appearance of Pan Jian Chi (Xu Zheng Xi), as he is Qin Sang's past lover and his real identity remains a mystery.

Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian 人生若如初相见 is a drama adapted from C-novel, Mi Wo Wei Cheng 迷雾围城 / Color of the Night by Fei Wo Si Cun (Fei Wo Si Cun's novel discussion).


  1. when this please ????????????? can't waitt

  2. It is not yet release ~ I am also looking forward to this drama

  3. SIL, another FWSC know the ending? If it's gg to be another heartbreaking one like SWAK...have you watched? Hope you're keeping good. WHINE

    1. Hello Whine, good to hear from you again ^^ Yep, I read the novel previously. Its bad ending..hopefully the drama will have a happy ending :) Anyway I like the story, hence looking forward to this drama...

  4. Hey SIL, so far only managed to watch episode 1 and 2 than no more. Heard that it's not coming out due to issues with the author of the book. Not sure how true. WHINE

    1. Hi Whine, yes, I'm unable to watch too! :( Think there is probably some issues. *Sigh*