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Chinese Drama ♦ Mr Right / Wo De Nan Shen / 我的男神 ~♥


Title: Mr Right / Wo De Nan Shen / 我的男神

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episode: TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


Wang Wei An (Ji Chang Wook) - Handsome and romantic, but rebellious personality. Unfettered, like a wild horse. 

However, this bronco happen to meet a wild lady - Yang Hai Yi (Wang Xiao Cheng). It was love at first sight for Yang Hai Yi and Wang Wei An's twin brother, Wang Rui (Ji Chang Wook). 

She regarded Wang Rui as a man of God and actively in pursuit of him at all costs. Unexpectedly and accidentally, Yang Hai Yi mistaken Wang Wei An as Wang Rui. This created all kinds of ridiculous jokes, one after another. 


At the same time, Wang Rui's fiancee - He Lian Na, was also involved. Beautiful and elegant, He Lian Na was initially disgusted with Wang Wei An. 

However, she also begin to regard him as man of God in the end. Both Yang Hai Yi and He Lian Na fight with one another in displaying their housekeeping and cooking skills. 

Just for the love of Wang Wei An.

Complications were add on as Zhang Wen He - He Lian Na's ex-boyfriend; Wang Rui's rival, gets involved in their disputes.

Zhang Wen He fell in love with Yang Hai Yi, in order to make her love him, he become enemies with both Wang Wei An and Wang Rui. 

After going through so much hardships, ups and downs. Will Wang Wei An and Yang Hai Yi finally tie the knot?

Chinese Drama ♦ Jade Lovers / Fei Cui Lian Ren / 翡翠恋人 ~♥


Title: Jade Lovers / Fei Cui Lian Ren / 翡翠恋人
Genre: Romance, Republican
Episode: TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


In 1930s, western town. Emerald firm of the Shen's family bankrupted. The heir, Shen Cheng Xi (Zheng Shuang) works hard but suffers injustice grudge. Their competitor, Bai Luo Han (Lee Jong-Suk) is a cold and nonchalant man. However, Bai Luo Han gradually finds himself attracted to the enthusiastic and optimistic Shen Cheng Xi. Although Shen Cheng Xi tries to withstand the distance between Bai Luo Han. The two still gets closer.

Chu Xue (Song Yan Fei) has been working hard and fighting alone since young, she owns and well kept her shop, which has now become a sanctuary for Shen Cheng Xi. The daughter of British Jewelry company's Chairman, Lin Yun Ran (Chen Shu) try ways and means to schemed against Shen Cheng Xi, in order to win the heart of Bai Luo Han. 

Mu Feng (Ceng Hong Chang) who is Shen Cheng Xi's childhood friend, guard and protect her lovingly. While the eccentric son of warlord, Lei Tian Ao (Li Yuan) become fast friends with Shen Cheng Xi. Shen Chen Xi works hard during her apprenticeship and at the same time trying to save the Shen's family estate by searching for a treasure.

 Shen Cheng Xi, Bai Luo Han and Mu Feng search for the treasure together, but also coincidentally find out the true identity of Shen Cheng Xi and Bai Luo Han. 

Both Shen Cheng Xi and Bai Luo Han hence turn into love hate relationship and have to make painful choices. Bai Luo Han's adopted father died in the hands of the Japanese.  

The Japanese invade and seek to take control of the jewellery market. These young people grow rapidly in the difficult times and achieve more along the way in the drama, Jade Lovers.

Chinese Drama ♦ Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian / 人生若如初相见 ~♥


Title: If Life Ever Meet / Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian / 人生若如初相见
Episode: TBC
Genre: Republican, Romance, War
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


A story on the Republican Era of China. It was love at first sight for Yi Lian Kai (Han Dong Jun) when he first laid his eyes on Qin Sang (Sun Yi). He painstakingly tried ways and means to make her belong to him. Finally, he manage to force her to marry him in the end. 

After marriage, Yi Lian Kai's arrogant personality remain unchanged as well as his flirty nature. Qin Sang, being a female scholar, is courteous towards her own husband.

However, a family issue creates conflict between the pair. Yi Lian Kai may seem callous towards Qin Sang, but there is a reason behind his actions.

There seems to be peace and harmony in the Yi family, but the brothers are in fact fighting with one another.  

More complications are add on with the appearance of Pan Jian Chi (Xu Zheng Xi), as he is Qin Sang's past lover and his real identity remains a mystery.

Ren Sheng Ruo Ru Chu Xiang Jian 人生若如初相见 is a drama adapted from C-novel, Mi Wo Wei Cheng 迷雾围城 / Color of the Night by Fei Wo Si Cun (Fei Wo Si Cun's novel discussion).

Chinese Drama ♦ A Smile is Beautiful / Just One Smile is Very Alluring / Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng / 微微一笑很倾城 ~♥


Title: A Smile is Beautiful / Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng / 微微一笑很倾城
Genre: Romance / Online Gaming / School
Episode: 30 TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016


Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang, Also starring in Chronicle of Life and The Cage of Love) is the school belle in her university, 

her ambition is to become a Digital Game Engineer. She adopted an online game identity as "Reed Slightly" and interact among other online players. 


Due to Bei Wei Wei's refusal to upload her real life photo, she was ruthlessly abandon by another crazy online player. 

However, Bei Wei Wei accidentally got the first master of the online game, Xiao Nai's approbation. 

In order to win the 'Crazy Challenge', Bei Wei Wei agreed with Xiao Nai's alliance and team up with him.
Both Bei Wei Wei and Xiao Nai pair up and went through thick and thin together in the online world. 

But never will Bei Wei Wei dream that the person whom she pair up with is actually the popular figure in the university, Xiao Nai (Yang Yang). 

Whether it is online or offline, Xiao Nai possess all outstanding abilities of the 'Great God'. 

Even more coincidentally, he is the person in charge of the game development and testing. 

Fate works in mysterious ways, by the time Bei Wei Wei discovered the truth, both She and Xiao Nai has naturally become a pair.

A Smile is Beautiful / Wei Wei Yi Xiao Hen Qing Cheng is a drama adapted from Chinese novel, Just One Smile is Very Alluring 微微一笑很倾城 by Gu Man.

Taiwan Drama ♦ Refresh Man / Hou Cai Niao De Can Lan Shi Dai / 后菜鸟的灿烂时代 ~♥


Title: Refresh Man / Hou Cai Niao De Can Lan Shi Dai / 后菜鸟的灿烂时代
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Modern
Country: Taiwan
Episode: 20 TBC
Broadcast Year: 2016


There is a group of people in the workforce. They work without much enthusiasm, while working will think about what to have for lunch later. They just pass each day as it comes, after work will think about where to chill out. They work just to have enough fixed income. No promotion but also non-rookie, this group is generally called "after rookie" or "refresh man".

Working as a Secretary, Zhong Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng) never feel like a 'after rookie/refresh man'. In her opinion, so long as she has done her part and get things done properly, all will be well. Her subordinates also obey and respect her. Just as she, as well as everyone, thought that she will take over to become the Chief Secretary; comes the unexpected outbreak. 

The new CEO, Ji Wen Kai (Aaron Yan, also starring in Just You) is the boy who used to lived next door to Zhong Yu Tang; a boy who does not do well in his studies. On the contrary, Zhong Yu Tang used to do well as a student and always 'take advantage' of the then Ji Wen Kai. With now the tables turned, Ji Wen Kai begins a series of 'devil training' for Zhong Yu Tang.

Refresh Man (Trailer) released in March 2016. 

Gallery ~♥

Chinese Drama ♦ Translator / Les Interprète / Fan Yi Guan / 翻译官 ~♥


Title: Translator / Les Interprète / Fan Yi Guan / 亲爱的翻译官
Country: Mainland
Genre: Romance, Modern
Episode: 42 TBC
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


Professional and major in the French language, Qiao Fei (Yang Mi) grew up determined to be a translator. She met genius translator, Chen Jia Yang (Huang Xuan) in a chance encounter. And in order to avoid her former boyfriend, Gao Jia Ming, Qiao Fei got to know Chen Jia Yang. 

Qiao Fei unexpectedly found out that Chen Jia Yang is her translator interviewer the next day, and she is his interviewee. Both of them start off with a misunderstanding as they work together. 

Eventually, Qiao Fei earns Chen Jia Yang's affirmation through her unremitting efforts. The two finally confirmed their feelings for one another after going through all twists and turns. 

Just as Qiao Fei's career and love life started off well, there was a surprise turn of events. Gao Jia Ming once again invade in her life. 

Realities and lack of trust rise conflicts among Chen Jia Yang and Qiao Fei. And they eventually break up. Chen Jia Yang welcome new challenges in his career, while Qiao Fei took a break to upgrade her French language. 

Both of them grow to be a better person and after facing death, they have a fresh start once again. They realized their true feelings. 

Qiao Fei in pursuit of higher career aspirations and Chen Jia Yang also finally found his true self.

Translator (Trailer) is adapted by Chinese novel, Les Interprète / Interpreter by Miao Juan (Ji Huan Huan).

Gallery ~♥

Korean Drama ♦ Descendants of the Sun / 태양의 후예 ~♥


Title: Descendants of the Sun / 태양의 후예
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Soldier
Episodes: 16

Country: South Korea
Broadcast Year: 2016


This drama was fully pre-produced before airing which is a departure from the live-shoot production format that characterizes most Korean dramas.

UN peacekeeping troops are dispatched to the war-torn country of Uruk (fictional Eastern European country). Captain Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) is the team leader of the Special Warfare Command unit, meets Kang Mo Yun (Song Hye Kyo), a volunteer doctor with Doctors Without Borders. As they work alongside each other in disaster- and disease-stricken zones, Shi Jn and Mo Yun clash then fall in love. (Credit:

Descendants of the Sun (Trailer) is Song Joong Ki‘s comeback project after serving his two years in the military.

Gallery ~♥

Chinese Drama ♦ As Long As You Love Me / Ai Qin De Kai Guan / 爱情的开关 ~♥


Title: As Long As You Love Me / Ai Qin De Kai Guan / 爱情的开关
Genre: Romance, Modern
Episode: 40 TBC
Country: Mainland
Broadcast Year: 2016 / 2017


Beautiful and innocent children's show host, Zhou Xiao Meng (Ying Er, Also starring in Sealed With A Kiss) and ShengHai's heir, Zhou Yan Zhao (Wallace Chung, Also starring in My Sunshine and Best Time) were childhood sweethearts. Their switch of love has long been turn on during their early childhood days.

However, the passing of Zhou Yan Zhao's father causes misunderstanding among them. Zhou Yan Zhao mistaken his father's death as the fault of Zhou Xiao Meng's mother. Hence, he resents her and is cold towards her. Although it hurts Zhou Xiao Meng. But being a optimistic and positive girl, she buried the pain deep in her heart and continue to cheer up the children with her bright smile. Zhou Xiao Meng uses her love to warm the man she loves.

After a tough period of time, the misunderstanding between them finally eliminate. The conspiracy surfaced within Shenghai's group. Zhou Yan Zhao also investigate the truth behind his father's death. Shenghai's group develop successfully under tha guidance of Zhou Yan Zhao. And the door of love between Zhao Yan Zhao and Zhou Xiao Meng also reopen, as their love is switch on once again.

As Long As You Love Me is adapted from Fei Wo Si Cun's novel, Switch of Love (Novel Discussion).

Never Leave Me Alone / 寻找爱情的邹小姐 Novel ~♥


Never Leave Me Alone ~ 寻找爱情的邹小姐 

Protagonist: Su Yue Sheng and Zou Qi Qiao

Theme: 寻觅 Search

Brief Summary:

Ten years ago, they experienced the most heart-breaking love and most deep-seated hatred. She had loved him so much and he, so obsessed with her. She thought their love is unbreakable. However, when fate relentlessly breaks in, the blossom flowers faded and he left without a word. She only realize, at that moment, everything is nothing but a long deliberate conspiracy. She fell from heaven to hell. Love or hate, she said; If she truly forget, she would not want to remember.

Ten years later, all is just past smoke dissipated, she truly no longer remember. She thought she has a new love by her side, and passing clouds around him. They are just strangers far away from one another. However, when past memories flow back and the truth slowly reveals from the shutter. Fate grind off the dust and wind blow haze. Will they be able to seek back their long lost love from a decade ago?

Fei Wo Si Cun Novels

Author's Afterword:

I am in the middle of the ocean with boundless expanse of blue as I completed the final chapter of "Never Leave Me Alone". The weather was sunny in the early morning when I woke up, but as I look up now, the window outside is cloudy with heavy rain.

Life, perhaps, is like a ship. You will meet many people on board, some people are just mere acquaintance. Some people will share a very pleasant period of time with you. Some people will accompany you through the entire journey. You will never know who are the ones that will disembark midway. But at the end of day, when the ship docks at the final destination, everyone will go their separate ways.

Seems like a little sad ah, but that is life. Impermanence and merciless.

So, that is why we must write warm-hearted stories. Like a candle, in the eternal night, shine for ourselves, and shine for people we meet.

There was an interview when this novel has yet to complete. The reporter asked about the novel, I replied it has not finish. After pondering for a moment, I said there will be an afterword when it is complete. Because this novel is the first book after the passing of my father.

After saying this, tears rolled down of my cheeks in front of strangers.

Some things we thought were already long past, long enough to think that we are finally able to calmly bring them up again. However, we still lost control in the end. Because we jolly well know, what is lost, is lost. One will never recover them again.

After my father was gone, I will always think of him in those very usual days. Once, as I returned from Wuchang, the sky was very blue. And I also just burst into tears.

My mother has never mention about my father in front of me. I, also very seldom speak about my father in front of her. Both of us, are worried and careful not to sadden one another. Hence, we try our best to pretend that this incident is over.

However, many things in this world, does not mean that even when you clearly understand and accept reality, it will really never make you cry again.

The theme for "Never Leave Me Alone" is 'Search'. The process of writing this book is very painful. I was in the middle of break down, feeling that I can never engage in writing again. After resting for about half a year, I still finally manage to complete this story in the end. I told my friend, this story is not just about Ms Zou's process of searching for love*. During the period of time when writing this book, it is also my process of searching for my true self.

It does not mean now that we grew up, we will never lost ourselves. Adulthood's pressure and temptation is a lot more than childhood. One can easily give in and not knowing what you truly want in life.

Fortunately, I found myself back. Although the journey of doing so is very difficult and tortuous. But one can only choose to brave all the hardship and stress. In the midst of struggle and all, putting aside everything, I still furiously love writing. If that is so, just write then, continue to write with courage.

I actually enjoy writing the second half of the novel. Reason being, I am aware, that even though this is a story with joy and sorrow. The final outcome will definitely be bright and warm-hearted.

Because I have decided to be the person who holds the candle. Things are so impermanent, people so unpredictable, everyone can only move forward in loneliness in vast darkness. I would like to use my text as the candle, to shine your journey ahead, and to shine the encounter of you and me.

11 August 2014, 10.26am
Costa Atlantica

* The Chinese title of "Never Leave Me Alone", if literally translate, is "Ms Zou Searching for Love".


I finished reading "Never Leave Me Alone" during the lunar new year holidays (February 2016), almost two years after the completion of this novel. Fei Wo Si Cun is one of the first few Chinese authors I knew when I got my 'first taste' of Chinese novels. As I begin to 'dig' further into the Chinese novels world, I got to know many other novelists and indulged in different stories / writing styles.

It has really been a while since I read FWSC's books. Guess I just became more selective there after, hahaa! You see, because I feel that there is always a hint of sadness in FWSC's stories, hence I only read her novel once in a blue moon. I read "Never Leave Me Alone" in book cover and it comes in
two novels (Book 1 and 2).

Honestly, I kind of skimmed through book 1 which is the first half of the story. Because personally, I find their relationship (Su Yue Sheng and Zou Qi Qiao) rather strange. And I also dislike how cold and mean Su Yue Sheng treated Zou Qi Qiao. Su Yue Sheng obviously love Zou Qi Qiao very this the way a man treats his beloved? And just because Zou Qi Qiao told him previously not to remind her if she ever forgets about him. When she lost her memory, he really did just that! Keep her memory from her for the next ten years! Seriously? However, since its FWSC, I am not too surprise.

Anyway, I enjoy reading the second half of the story better (book 2, the beginning of their love). The book cover version only includes an epilogue of Lu Min, Su Yue Sheng's childhood friend and secret admirer. There are also a few other epilogues in the online version. I was hoping for an epilogue of Su Yue Sheng, but there is none. I thought it would be good to include one so as to let readers understand Su Yue Sheng better and also to make the novel more 'complete'. I am neutral towards this novel, do not really like it. This book will probably be adapted into dramas, just like some other FWSC's novels.

I decided to translate the afterword of FWSC because I find it quite meaningful and it must have been a very difficult period of time for her. Her afterword also makes me question what I truly want or love to do with my life. I think a lot of times we are all in the process of 'searching'. But no matter what, I hope all of us will not lost ourselves.

I love the positive way FWSC ended her afterword. Hope that she will continue to pursue her passion in writing with more happy and warm-hearted novels! And also for me, you and everyone else all over the world, to cherish the people we love around us, find love and meaning in life as we usher into the new year in 2016! >_<